Venture Finance

Equity participation, also known as joint venture finance, can be customized to fit the unique characteristics of a given project. The structure of this financing method is determined by factors such as sponsors’ business track record, perceived risk, profit potential, and the timeline of a detailed business plan, with clear and achievable milestones.

The return for an equity investor is based on the level of security and priority of repayment they are given. Typically, they receive payment after all other lenders have been repaid and are entitled to a portion of the profits. As such, the success of a project is just as important to the investor as the underlying asset and the individuals running the project.

Financial North has a wide range of equity partners, from specialist situation funds to sophisticated investors, who are interested in deploying equity in the real estate sector.
For experienced sponsors who are looking to expand their business, partnering with an equity partner can be an excellent way to maximise their returns.