Loan Services Provided

Funder Reviews: We assist clients who provide financing facilities to lenders by conducting in-depth assessments of their operations. Our review covers all aspects of the financing facility, from the pre-funding stage to closing. We also provide an operational review to ensure that our clients are performing to the best of their ability.

Risk Assessment: Our team is skilled in evaluating and mitigating risks associated with financing facilities. We provide a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure that our clients are aware of any potential risks.
Origination and Servicing Reviews: We conduct reviews of our clients' origination and servicing policies to ensure that they align with industry best practices.

Loan Origination: We conduct loan origination sampling to evaluate the accuracy of the loan origination process. Our team scrutinizes all aspects of the loan origination process, including the application process, underwriting, and documentation.

Arrears, Collections, Recoveries Assessments: Our team conducts assessments of our clients' arrears, collections, and recoveries processes. We ensure that our clients have a well-defined process in place for dealing with customers who are in arrears or default.

Data Integrity: We help our clients validate and collate their data to ensure that they have accurate information. We ensure that our clients are using a robust system for data management and storage.

Complaint Review: We help our clients assess customer complaints to ensure that they have a well-defined process in place for handling complaints. We provide guidance on how to improve the customer experience and prevent complaints from recurring.