Financial North® - International Mortgage Experts

When you require finance to purchase or refinance your real estate, we offer you our services and years of experience in arranging this type of international mortgage facility.

Financial North®, established in 2001, is headed up by Alberto Goldar, who has over 25 years of experience in international financial services.

Over that period, he has worked for lenders, including Citigroup and CitiFinancial across Europe and America. He has personally completed over a thousand mortgages, providing him with a significant level of expertise on how to overcome or avoid the different challenges and pitfalls during the property acquisition process.

To provide this service, we have partnership agreements with various banks, financial institutions, local brokers and specialised investment funds across Europe, having to meet the strict requirements they demand.

We offer an initial, non-binding, free “Decision in Principle” assessment. It is a good idea to have your borrowing capacity defined in advance. Through our collaborations, we shall assist you in finding the most suitable lender adapted to your current financial circumstances and market conditions, but also seasoned local lawyers, surveyor companies, translation and money exchange services.

Our deep knowledge and contacts in the European industry allow us to search for the different options within the characteristics of each client.

We do also have a commitment to social action. Over the years, our company has cooperated with Doctors without Borders. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss your case.

Best regards,

The Financial North Team